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FOF #2147 – The Holy Pizza Wars

The battle between equality and religious fundamentalism is now taking place in pizza parlors and bakeries.

What is it about white flour that makes people go nuts?

Today writer Zach Stafford from the Guardian joins us to take a look at the Holy Pizza Wars- how groups on both sides of the table are serving up politics with a side of cheese sticks in 30 minutes or less.

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VIDEO: Parody of Lady Gaga’s Judas

The Key of Awesome really is awesome.

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VIDEO: Lady Gaga’s “Judas”

Lady Gaga leaked Judas early. Wasn’t a big fan of the video until I saw the “Lipstick Gun.” Awesome!

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VIDEO: Chick-fil-A Lady Gaga “Judas” Parody

Parody of Lady Gaga’s “Judas” about Chick Fil-A’s donations to anti-gay groups. Oh oh oh! I can’t go back to Chick fil-a, Chick fil-a.

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