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With Equal Marriage Victories in California & Washington, It’s Time to Step Up in Illinois!

With this week’s victory over California’s Proposition 8 and next week’s likely passage of marriage equality legislation in the State of Washington, it’s a golden opportunity to push for full marriage equality here in the […]

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Today’s Protest Canceled, but Cardinal George’s ”Apology” to Gays Doesn’t Get to the Heart of the Matter

Even though the Gay Liberation Network finds the “apology” of Francis George woefully inadequate, we nevertheless agree to call off the protest scheduled for January 8 (tomorrow, Sunday) at Holy Name Cathedral.  While taking this […]

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Cardinal George Takes Another Pot-Shot @ LGBT Activists

Cardinal George compares GLN to KKK.  Silly George, the KKK also used religion to deflect charges of bigotry. Here’s our response: “In comparing LGBT rights advocates to the KKK, the Cardinal shows that he is […]

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