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FOF #2736 – Lizz Winstead Takes on the Most Sexist Songs Ever Written

When you find out a popular musician is a truly rotten person it’s easy enough to “cancel” them when you’re not a fan, but when their work is super popular and speaks to so many people, including you, it’s not so easy.

Today the she-larious Lizz Winsted joins us to look at “cancel” culture when entertainers are revealed to be harmful people. How has political comedy changed since she started the Daily Show on Comedy Central?

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FOF #2498 – Roll Up for the Vagical Mystery Tour

It’s been six months since millions of people all around the world gathered for the Women’s March to support women’s health care and reproductive equality. While the protest was a huge success, there’s still a lot of work to be done, so why not put on a comedy show?

Today comedian Lizz Winstead, co-creator of The Daily Show, joins us to talk about the Vagical Mystery Tour, where people can hear comedians tell some jokes and join the resistance to help ensure women’s access to healthcare.

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FOF #1126 – Lizz Winstead, Power Twitterer

The hilarious Lizz Winstead joins us today to dish about tweeting the entire Golden Globes from her cozy couch in New York City. As a co-founder of the popular Daily Show, Lizz has a unique perspective on the ongoing late night talk show wars.

Plus hot news & trends: zombie twitter accounts, crisis in Haiti, roller coaster grandmas and slogans for teabagger Scott Brown.

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FOFA #508 – Lizz with Two Z’s

You may not immediately recognize Lizz’s name, but you probably enjoy the fruits of her labor. Comedian and television producer Lizz Winstead created the news parody program “The Daily Show” on Comedy Central as a […]

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