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FOFA #1600- Horror Magnate Peaches Christ

One of the scarier details about the gay Canadian cannibal killer Luka Rocco Magnotta is his obsession with his neighbor, horror film actor, Derek MacKinnon who starred as a killer in the 80’s movie Terror […]

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FOF #1619 – How to Be a Diva

Bona fide diva Amy Armstrong knows quite a bit about making it as a singer. For years her cabaret shows have sold out across the country, and is the toast of gay cruise ships. Today Amy Armstong joins us to talk about the rewards and challenges of what it takes become a professional singer.

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FOF #1600- Horror Magnate Peaches Christ

How does horror hostess and filmmaker, Peaches Christ deal with people on the fringe- lunatics, who may be just one broken fingernail away from killing someone?

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FOF #1598- Pricks in Peril

Comedian Chris Condren is coming out of the closet as a straight son of a gay dad, and talking about his dad’s erotic website (NSFW), where he creates nude drawings of men and their genitals being tortured, bound and pierced. Yeow!

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FOF #1596 – Murder She Wrote

Luka Rocco Magnotta, the killer who chopped up his boyfriend for a little publicity has been caught, ending a sensational international manhunt.

Are we cultivating unhealthy relationships by sharing ourselves on social media, or are people just uptight about the new generation’s way of expressing themselves and understanding others?

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