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FOF #1181 – Woeful Tales of a Chocolate Whale

“Is chocolate the meaning of life?” thought the fudge whale as he swam deeper into the chocolaty sea. Little did Fudgie know, that this would be his last journey into the rich, dark brown abyss.

Puppeteer and performance artist Marsian De Lellis joins us to talk about about “Fudgie’s Death” an excerpt from “Growing Up Linda,” a puppet play based on his fictitious take on the Carvel Ice Cream family.

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FOF #622 – Baby Can Dance

On today’s show we talking with our Los Angeles pal Marsian De Lellis, who performed at the VERY first Feast of Fools show, in the Spring of 2008. Marsian has been super duper busy studying […]

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FOFA #460 – Future Imperfect

Marsian De Lellis is in many ways in touch with something magical. We’re just not sure what that is, but in all his outlandish talk about full-body botoxes and Whole Foods Express at the airports, […]

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