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FOF #2784 – Vallery Dolls and Manny Petty Go Camping

As the fall season moves forward and the trees start to turn their leaves shades of gold, it’s not too late to spend some time in nature with all your queer pals.

Today Vallery Dolls and Manny Petty treat us to a live music session of songs from their gay campground tour. Listen as Vallery talks about her work with the Chicago League of Lady Arm Wrestlers and reading books to children while in drag.

HRC’s Annual Gala “Time to Shine” 2009 [PHOTOS]

HRC’s Annual Gala “Time to Shine” Nov. 7, 2009 – photos by Fausto Fernós. Were you at the event? Please post your favorite pictures in the comments. Check out our slideshow from the event:

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FOF #1091 – Push or Pull?

The disappointing November 2009 election left many gay rights activists struggling to make sense of the narrow margin that took away the right for same-sex couples to wed in Maine. Bloggers are asking for an embargo against the Democratic Party until careful attention is given to their long list of grievances.

Hot topics: Michelle Williams at HRC, Broadway in Chicago’s Young Frankenstein, and Nick Adams and Cristal Connors.

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