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FOFA #855 – Levi Kreis Live!

Levi Kreis brought some southern sensibility to this Sunday’s Tony Awards when he won for featured actor in a musical for his portrayal of rocker Jerry Lee Lewis in “Million Dollar Quartet.”

We interviewed Levi as he had just moved to Chicago to perform in the trial run of “Million Dollar Quartet” the musical that won him the Tony. Congratulations!

(Originally posted on Oct. 9, 2008.)

FOF #855 – Levi Kreis Live!

You’re in for a treat today! Levi super-soaks us with his music and his voice, performing live in the home studio his hits and songs from his upcoming album “Where I Belong” scheduled to be released in January 2009.

Levi is one of those rare musicians who’s sassy personality equally matches his mastery of the piano and the power of his music is delivered by his showmanship

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