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VIDEO: CBS Evening News on Gay Bullying

During the past month, at least four gay teens around the country have been driven by bullying to take their lives. Here’s the CBS News report on the sad matter.

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VIDEO: Disco Demolition Night

June 12, 1979, a night rife with “anti-disco sentiment” at Comiskey Park in Chicago, Illinois put a nail in Disco music genre coffin.

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Ellen Takes Over Chicago’s NBC5 News

Ellen is in town for “Ellen’s Somewhat Special Special” as part of TBS’s Just For Laughs Comedy Festival. So, to promote it she walked onto the NBC5 Michigan Avenue streetside news set un-announced.  A weather […]

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News Anchors Laughs While Describing Murder, Dismemberment and Manhunt

This poor news anchor can’t stop laughing while describing a grizzly murder and dismemberment. I’m guessing she saw his mug shot and couldn’t keep together.

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FOF #947 – The Most Dangerous Game

Pull out your sombreros everybody, on today’s show it’s a Mexican Fiesta with the fabulously funny Bill Cruz. Bill recently performed with us at Steamworks, the gay men’s bathhouse in Chicago. He was all wrapped […]

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