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Beyoncé Is Risen, Again

She is risen! Just in time for Easter, Beyoncé is back in full force with her new album “Cowboy Carter,” which may be her most groundbreaking work yet.

Even though the Queen B herself says “[the new album] ain’t a Country album, [its] a Beyoncé album,” Cowboy Carter brings the iconic entertainer back to her roots in Country Music, reminding everyone about the genres Black roots and inspiring folks who had rejected it in the past to come back and have a good time

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VIDEO: Lady Gaga and Patti LaBelle’s Impromptu ”Over the Rainbow” Performance

After the CDFA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) Awards ceremony, Patti LaBelle gave a performance at an after party, and she called Lady Gaga up to join in.  Other than seeing Gaga hold her […]

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