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FOF #2271A – Farewell to the King of the Freaks

Season 12 of Feast of fun is here! Although we are ready to celebrate our anniversary, we are also experiencing the tragic loss of David Bowie, the influential gender and genre defying artist whose amazing career lasted decades and helped open up the world to LGBT artists and nonconformists of all shapes and sizes. Part 1 of 2.

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Kellan Lutz’ package: Photoshop or real?

Is this real or photoshop?

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PHOTO: Double Stuffed Kim Kardashian

I don’t usually post stupid photos of overexposed people who don’t deserve the attention they get, but I simply couldn’t resist posting this large and in charge photo of Kim Kardashian. It is photoshopped, right? […]

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PHOTO: Bruce Loves Bruce

Bruce Willis finally finds himself the perfect lover.

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IMAGE: Unphotoshopped Desaturated Santa Claus

No Photoshop techniques used here- only makeup and costume to create this fantastic look.

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IMAGES: Nicolas Cage as Everyone

I have a new favorite blog, Nicolas Cage as Everyone solely dedicated to photoshop images of the Oscar Award winning actor Nicolas Cage. Most of the images aren’t too compelling, but the ones of Nick […]

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PHOTO: Paris Hilton vs Jaws, Who Will Win?

Here is a recent picture by Bauer Griffin of Paris Hilton, the socialite everyone loves to hate. Thanks to Miguel from D-Listed, here’s what the photo should have been:

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IMAGE: Madonna’s Beauty Secrets Revealed

So what that Madonna retouches her photos? Everyone does it. Get over it. Still, it’s fun to compare the “before and after” in the same image. It reminds me of Frankengay. — From Giopet’s Graphic […]

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PHOTOSHOP: A Trannylicious Glenn Palin

Creepy and hilarious, someone did a trannylicious mashup of Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck. Does this image haunt Levi Johnston in his dreams?

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