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FOF #2716 – Drag Queens are a Riot

What’s fun about watching drag queens on reality TV shows and on the internet is how we struggle when it comes to comedy. Camp is an aesthetic style and sensibility that regards something as appealing because it’s bad, and when your favorite queen bombs on stage, it’s still funny as hell.

Today, comedian and improv teacher Meg Grunewald joins us to take a look at the unique demands drag queens have for comedy and how they transform failure into something she-larious.

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IMAGE: Santa Sure Loves his Poppers

Ah that warm feeling you get during the holidays. Santa on poppers? Be careful Santy, don’t mix them with viagra! You’ll suffer from a stroke and die.

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Poppers Still Life

by Chuck Meyers Painted last week. Available right now at Roost in Andersonville.

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FOF #1245 – Poppers O’Plenty

Poppers! No we’re not talking about delicious deep fried cheese filled jalapenos, we’re talking about the drug- those little brown bottles that people huff to loosen up while getting jiggy with it.

Join us as we talk about all the hullabaloo around this iconic little bottle, the dangers surrounding the drug, poppers pigs and why John Waters has a whole case of it in his freezer.

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