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VIDEO: Jill Sobule Helps Zack Rosen Kiss a Boy and Sing About It

ill Sobule has been kissing girls since before Katy Perry was even allowed to use cherry Chapstick.

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FOF #1009 – Our Gretchen Phillips Experience

Interview with living lesbian music legend Gretchen Phillips on the early days of her band Two Nice Girls, nurturing your creative spirit and her first new album in five years “I Was Just Comforting Her.”

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Tom Goss – Back to Love

Musician Tom Goss sings his song “Tumbling Down the Mountainside” from his new album “Back to Love.” Be sure to subscribe to our new YouTube channel, Feast of Fun. | Vimeo | iTunes

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FOF #968 – Tom Goss Backs It Up

There’s just something about Tom Goss’ music that puts you in a happy and peaceful mood. Our favorite wrestler turned priest turned musician, the very loveable Tom Goss is back with his new album Back […]

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Phil Putnam – I’m No Prize

Musician Phil Putnam sings his song “I’m No Prize.” Camera & editing: Fausto Fernós. For a high-quality version of the video, subscribe with : RSS | iTunes | YouTube |

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FOF #941 – Phil Putnam Tickles the Ivories

On today’s show musician Phil Putnam plays live in our home studio songs from his new album “Casualties.” Listen as Phil talks with us about living with Tourette’s Syndrome, a neural disorder characterized by physical […]

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FOF #925 – New Music Showcase

What are some effective ways musicians can get their work heard and build a loyal audience? Gary Ward, also known as Gary Airedale, is here to talk about the music business and offer some insight […]

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FOF #883 – Jann Klose Live

Let’s get a little bit Kloser, don’t be shy. The German born, African raised Jann Klose is here in the home studio and he looks and sounds like a dream. Jann just dropped by the […]

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FOF #876 – Live with Charles S. McVey

Charles wants to call you “Sir.” On today’s show we have queer indie rocker Charles S McVey to play for us. Listen as Charles seduces you in his distinctively gravely voice. We’re sure you’ll appreciate […]

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FOF #855 – Levi Kreis Live!

You’re in for a treat today! Levi super-soaks us with his music and his voice, performing live in the home studio his hits and songs from his upcoming album “Where I Belong” scheduled to be released in January 2009.

Levi is one of those rare musicians who’s sassy personality equally matches his mastery of the piano and the power of his music is delivered by his showmanship

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