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VIDEO: Wagon Wheel Watusi REMIX

It was only a matter of time…

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The Viral Remix

Wrath of Zod over on YouTube took some of the best viral videos of the past few months and created a huge dance remix kinda thingy….check it out. Sorta makes me wanna get the MP3 […]

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Isaiah Mustafa, the current face and hot body of Old Spice is burning up YouTube responding to Twitters and Comments, you can check out all of the video responses on the Old Spice YouTube Channel. […]

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Toyz Noize, the remix

Just in time for the release of Toy Story 3, music mix-master Pogo (aka Faggotron on YouTube) has created a mix from the original Toy Story movie. Pogo samples from movies, a phrase, a word, […]

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Trollol Guy Remixed

You may have seen the creepy Trollol guy form this video with the title “I’m happy to be on my way home.” Now he’s been remixed- –Via

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Howard Stern Remixes Sarah Palin’s Audiobook With Hilarious Results

You have to listen to the over the top sexual remix of Sarah Palin’s audiobook by the folks at the Howard Stern Show, it’s hilarious. So wonderful to hear Sarah Palin cussing like a sailor, […]

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