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Sam Worthington on the Cover of Men’s Health

What do you think of his curly hair? Sam on getting older… “They say that in your 20s you’re trying to work out the man that you want to be, and in your 30s you […]

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FOF #1114 – Feliz Na’Vi-dad

A sci-fi film with sexy blue aliens who look like drag queens? Fabulous! Will Avatar be the Star Wars of our generation or simply just another movie that mirrors our misconceptions on the nature of Nature?

Blogger Michael Lehet joins us to wrap up the year, talk about those sexy blue aliens and review the new Addams Family musical and In the Heights. In the news: CNN’s gayest NYE, the wild child, the Puma index and the Tiger Woods mistress generator.

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Avatar Movie Shoot Confused for Gay Porn

While shooting a waterfall scene for Avatar, Sam Worthington, wearing a g-string, was approached by an onlooker who wondered if he was filming a gay porn.

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