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VIDEO: PhatGayKid- Love Him or Hate Him?

I don’t know if I love him or hate and I can’t figure out why his lips are so shiny in this video.

Posted in: Music, Videos 14 years ago 6

Taiwanese Boy Sings Whitney

This boy sure does a great Whitney Houston.

Posted in: Music, Videos 14 years ago 12

VIDEOS: Joan Sings to the Dog and the Cows

“It’s a Do-Da-Day-Day!” to Nippy- Here’s Joan singing to the cows- Love Joan!

Posted in: Animals, Videos 14 years ago 3

What Can’t Dolph Lundgren Do?

Dolph Lundgren dances like the Frankenstein monster, growls out an Elvis song, plays the drums, cracks wood and smashes ice in this over the top Swedish TV show. What can’t Dolph do?

Posted in: Hunks, People, Videos, Wow Factor 14 years ago 0