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VIDEO: Sweet Brown Gets Paid

Sweet Brown, the “ain’t nobody got time for that lady,” made a comercial capitalizing on her catchphrase made famous by YouTube..

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FOF #1569 – Cher’s Giant Black Wig

With her fabulous music through the years, her Bob Mackie see-through gowns and her unconditional support of her trans son Chaz, you can’t help but adore Cher and her wacky, wacky ways.

What is up with that crazy, giant, black wig Cher?

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VIDEO: Sweet Brown Gets Her Cold Pop

Sweet Brown finally gets her cold pop. Yep, that’s really her.

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VIDEO: Sweet Brown’s Escape Gets the White Boy Treatment

Sweet Brown’s escape from a fire gets the white boy treatment.

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VIDEO: Sweet Brown is the Latest Viral Star

Sweet Brown has no time for a apartment fire when she has bronchitis. Has this been auto-tuned yet? via

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