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FOF #1182 – What Turns You On

Sexual desire is powerful, it shapes us in many unconscious ways. Many psychologists agree that it is the core of who we are as people and so it’s worth reflecting on and making art about it.

Today teacher, comedian and bondage babe Miss Tamale joins to talk about “Bound and Determined,” her art installation of self-help books beautifully tied up with red ropes in Japanese bondage style and her performance piece where she reenacts a day in the life of a sadomasochistic high school teacher.

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FOF #1140 – Lift American Spirits

Sarah Palin got caught cheating at the Tea Party convention, reading buzz words scribbled off her hand like “Energy,” “Tax” and “Lift American Spirits.” Our Chicago gal pal Tamale joins us to kick off our revamped YouTube video blog and take a look at the impact of social media on our lives. Plus-Tim Tebows Teabagging ad, the federal judge who will decide the Prop 8 case is gay, a man builds a rocket to launch his snow sled, ten reasons not to let gays in the military and a salute to one of our favorite blogs Pet of the Day.

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