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FOF #2739 – America’s Ass

Warning: The following podcast is chock full of spoilers!!! Oh snap! Marvel’s Endgame wraps up 11 years of movie storytelling with a janky time travel plot line and a fumbling farewell to some the biggest comic book superheroes of all time.

Today pop culture crank Brian Sweeney joins us to take a look at Endgame, the final wrap up of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and what the future holds for superhero blockbuster films.

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FOF #1896 – Thor: The Gay World

This weekend, theater goers in Shanghai got a different movie poster for Thor: The Dark World- a fan-made photoshop picture of the movie’s hero Thor in a romantic embrace with his nemesis and brother Loki.

We’re not sure what they were expecting to happen in the film, but they were probably disappointed unlike our guest today, Brian Sweeney, who joins us to take a look at the new Thor movie and upcoming films we’re excited or not so excited about.

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PHOTOS: Chris Hemsworth Remarkble Muscular Transformation

Chris Hemsworth has made a remarkable transformation to beef up his already awesome body to a muscle giant of comic book hero proportions. The hunky actor turned muscle god was interviewed by BuzzSugar about his […]

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VIDEO: Chris Hemsworth: Dancing With the Stars

If he can dance like that, imagine how good he is in “Thor.”

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VIDEO: Little Thor

Thought the car was gonna start didn’t you? I like that the license plate says Asgard (ASG 4RD), there are also some other nods to the Marvel universe

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