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FOF #2488 – A Love Letter to Haters

We do a talk show, you know the podcast you’re listening to right now and from time to time we, and by “we” I mean mostly “me” put our foot in our mouths because we’re passionate about things and when we see something go wrong, we speak out.

Today, we take a look at how we’ve handled online trolls, astroturfers, or regular bullies who don’t like what we have to say and who make it their #1 agenda to put a stop to our creative efforts.

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FOF #2154 – Someone’s in the Kitchen with Dixie

Come and get it! Our first episode of Cooking with Drag Queens is up and folks are devouring it.

Today Dixie Lynn Cartwright joins us to talk about the things that didn’t make into the soup- her father’s true relationship with Elvis, her twin brother who is a Christian minister and more about Dixie’s adorable boyfriend actor Curtis Jackson.

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FOF #1868 – Working on a Sex Farm

For many people it’s important to not just come out of the closet, but to break down all barriers when it comes to their sexuality. It’s these barriers that hold us back everywhere: in our jobs and in our lives.

Today comedian Kevin Allison joins us to talk about opening up creatively by exploring hiss sexuality at a kink camp. You may remember Kevin as the openly gay cast member of MTV’s comedy show The State from the early 90s.

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FOF #896 – Rubbernecking on the Superhighway

On today’s show we’ve got one Chicago most influential internet people, Andrew Huff, editor and publisher of Gaper’s Block, a Chicago Centric Online Magazine. A gaper’s block, for those of you who don’t know, is […]

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