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FOF #2603 – Peaches Christ on Movies with Wild Women

A lot of us who love drag, love it because because it channels the spirit of those wild, outrageous women who embrace their rebellious side and point their middle finger at what the world wants them to be.

Today. Peaches Christ, San Francisco’s drag impressario and cult film fanatic joins us to take a look at movies with wild women who don’t give a fuck. Listen as we look at sexploitation and hagsploitation in films.

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FOF #2168 – The Queen of Everything

Pleasant Gehman has had many jobs and lived many lives. From being a scenester in LA’s punk rock scene to interviewing Kurt Cobian shortly before his death, Pleasant earned her nickname the Queen of Everything.

Today she’s a belly dancing teacher and burlesque performer under the name Princess Farhana of Hollywood. Listen as we chat with Pleasant about her wild life- her friendship with famous musicians and being a dance teacher to comedian Margaret Cho.

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Cult Actress Tura Satana Dies at 72

Tura Satana, most famous for her role as Varla, the sultry, violent bad girl in Russ Meyer’s 1965 exploitation film Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!, died at age 72 last night in Reno, NV, of reported heart failure.

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