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FOF #1692 – Why It’s Hard to Be an Out Athlete

Comedian Eric Oren, a straight identifying guy who loves to play sports, joins us to talk about why his gay teammates are comfortable telling him they are gay, but not publicly.

Eric may be in the no homo zone but that didn’t stop him from dressing up as an 80s rocker and writing us a beautiful love poem. Isn’t that sweet?

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FOF #1691 – I Was an Internet Celebrity

The very funny Brian Sweeney joins us to take a look at early online celebrities, the changing face of media, why RuPaul’s Drag Race is different from most other reality TV shows and why Lady Gaga might be struggling with her weight because of her passion for music.

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VIDEO: Big Waves Take Down Runners and Cyclists Along Lake Michigan

We usually don’t get very big waves on this side of Lake Michigan, but when we do, this spot along the lakeshore can get troublesome. Watch as bicyclists and runners try their best against Mother Nature.

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VIDEO: Hurricane Irene Streaker

A streaker improves a weatherman’s report on Hurricane Irene!

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IMAGE: Hilarious Heat Index

Boy is it hot in here!

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VIDEO: Elephant Helps with Tornado Clean Up

I don’t know if the elephant helping clean up the aftermath of the Joplin, Mo tornado is just for show, but elephants have been used to move heavy objects for centuries

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VIDEO: Double Rainbow Spotted After Joplin Tornado

A double rainbow was caught on video after the terrible tornado that killed dozens of people in Joplin, MO.

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VIDEO: Man Casually Chats With Sister on Phone as Tornado Whizzes By

This guy causually chats with his sister on the phone as a tornado goes by. I would have been freaking out.

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VIDEO: Worst Snow Ever in Chicago, 2011

Snowpocalypses of Blizzardgeddons! It seems a lot of our predictions are eerily coming true. We’re having the worst snow ever in Chicago, as an epic winter storm hits the central United States Wednesday. The massive […]

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