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FOF #2954 – Zac Efron’s Face Shocker

What’s going on with Zac Efron’s face? In a video promoting Bill Nye’s new environmental awareness project “Earth Day the Musical” fans were left gasping when el Zac appeared in the video looking like he had botched plastic surgery.

I’m going to need more lip gloss to gloss these lips.

Today we dig in deep to find out what happened to Zac Efron’s face, and so much delicious pop culture goodies.

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FOF #2466 – Mama Ru and Mother Monster Make Magic

Since Lady Gaga tweeted her support for RuPaul’s Drag Race many years ago, fans have been clamoring to get Mother Monster on Mama Ru’s show. Well hold on to your weaves hennies, cause on the season premiere, Lady Gaga walks into the workroom like any other contestant to join the 13 queens.

Today, Jackie Huba, author of two books on Lady Gaga and drag queens joins us to talk about how successful drag queens turn their followers into super fans and what you can learn from these gals to make your own business and life a sparkling success.

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Zac Efron Accidentally Drops a Condom

I had almost forgotten about baby-hunk grown up to man-hunk Zac Efron, and now this! Check out this video where Zac “accidentally” drops a condom at a red carpet event for the Lorax. Honest mistake […]

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VIDEO: Zac Efron Drops Condom at Red Carpet Premiere

Zac Efron turned red carpet red at the premiere of “The Lorax” in Los Angeles. The 24-year-old actor reportedly dropped a condom after reaching into his pocket. He later picked up the gold packet and […]

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National Enquirer Reports Zac Efron Holds Guy’s Hand at Party

The National Enquirer is reporting that Zac was getting cozy with a buff young man at an NBA Party at the W Hotel in Los Angeles.

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