FOF #1274 – Mimi Imfurst, Second to None

Oct 19, 2010 · 74331 views

The Mimi Imfurst Interview - photos by Gerry Visco and others

In 2005, the Catholic Advocacy Coalition named New York City drag queen Mimi Imfurst one of the top ten anti-Catholic people because of her hilarious Christmas show in which she portrays Jesus’ mother Mary as a 2,000 year old sassy diva. She beat out George W. Bush to come in second on the list and resulting in over 600 people protesting her show in New York City’s Times Square.

Mimi Imfurst isn't afraid to get messy when tackling religious themes in her drag act. Ozzy better watch out. Photo: Eric Hallwell Photography

Today we’re talking to one of rising stars on the drag scene, Mimi Imfurst. She’s part of the web based reality tv series The Queens of Drag: NYC and she’ll be performing in Chicago at Haunted Halsted, our haunted house style pub crawl through the heart of Boystown. You don’t want to miss it!

But it hasn’t always been sunshine, lollypops and crucifixes for Mimi. As a teenager, Braden Chapman was left homeless by his homophobic family and forced to work the mean streets of Portland, Maine to survive. Thankfully, a generous lesbian couple adopted Brenden to help him get through the tough time and helps him realize anything in life is possible.

He was eventually adopted by a lesbian couple, but getting through the tough times she encountered as a teen made her realize that anything in life is possible .

Listen as Mimi shares her heart breaking story of being a homeless teen and how she made it better.

What do New Yorkers make of the Islamic community center being built near ground zero?

GQ Magazine declares men over 30 are hot and twinks are not.

And who is secretly having gay threesomes in Hollywood- Mimi provides the clues, you make they guesses.

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  1. calientemess says:

    You guys… I absolutely loved Mimi’s candor in her stories. Thank you so mucho for having this little treasure on your show. We need to take her to La Cueva Sunday Night.

  2. Juantana says:

    I have one thing to say.. “drag is not a contact sport!!” wtf was she thinking? After that other queen a mere episode ago was getting violent, was she not paying attention when Ru said then “I expect my gurlz to be professional..” Hellooooooo.. oops, I mean goodbye, as in goodbye Mimi…

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