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Nomi doesn’t have limits, darlin’. She things spreadin’ STDs is sharin’. Carin’ and sharin’, Nomi-style. » More

On Woman Has Sex With Animals — Gives Them STD!

Well darlin’, I didn’t do the voices but I do approve. Fausto, I love FOF and I can’t help but contribute, darlin’. » More

On Jiz – the Abortion Episode

Well darlin, I was glad to hear this interview. I mean, she ain’t in “Goddess” but I guess I can let that slide this time. But…... » More


Darlin, does this make you want to dress up in her lacy lady delicates and prance from room to room? » More

On Darlin, I Think This is Nomi Malone Doing a Pretty Lady ”Dance.”

Thanks, darlins. Cristal Connors loves the Feast of Fun! After all, that is what I used to call my vagina. » More

On Why Cristal Connors is Goddess (Because She Loves the Feast of Fun)