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VIDEO: Madonna’s Post-Super Bowl Address

The ridiculously talented Nadya Ginsburg channels her inner Madonna post Super Bowl halftime show, shedding some light on what Madge was thinking after the big performance. As seen on “Talk Soup!”

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Ricky Martin ”Sexy and I Know It” GLEE

Me siento avergonzado de que todos los implicados!

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Madonna: Give Me All Your Luvin’

All aboard the Demi Moore train: next stop “Exhaustion.”

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VIDEO: Gay Baby Short Film

Winner of Audience Award – Best Overall Short at FilmOut San Diego. What if you found out your unborn son is GAY?

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My Week With Madonna

I know what you’re up to Michelle Williams…

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VIDEO: School of French Kissing for Dogs

I’ve never heard anything more wrong in my life.

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VIDEO: It’s the Lesbian Cliché Song!

If women are an enigma then Lesbian’s are a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside Roller Derby gear–with fashion scarves and matching fingerless mittens! Finally, a video that spells is all out– in gayman’s terms. […]

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”Callin It Out” Selene Luna

“Callin It Out” is the first ever dance single from actress/writer/burlesque artist/comic/model/ Selene Luna. Based on a series of inside jokes, the song was written and composed by gorgeous trans pin up girl and entertainer […]

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Eating Out 4: Drama Camp

The “Eating Out” trilogy is the “Godfather” of gay cinema. Now, the family is back for blood! Is it a prequel, a reboot, or a dramatic reimagining? Who cares! “Shakespere didn’t have cum shots.” Chris […]

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I Need a Cold Shower

A new viral clip, from a gay travel company, shows you how to stay cool in a heatwave.

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