Madonna: Give Me All Your Luvin’

Feb 3, 2012 · 1985 views

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All aboard the Demi Moore train: next stop “Exhaustion.”


  1. Joeywood says:

    Shoot: 3 days.
    Digital Retouching: 6 months.
    Looking younger than Nicki Minaj: Priceless.

  2. I like how she’s reinvented herself to look like Carol Channing.

    • Joeywood says:

      Madonna as Nikki Finn, dressed like Breathless Mahoney doing her best Marilyn Monroe impersonation in Carol Channing’s “Hello Dolly” feels reductive. I liked “Truth or Dare” the first time I saw it. In 1991.

  3. AndyinFran says:

    Hilarious & troofull

  4. Andy says:

    I like the song and the video and she looks fabulous for her age!

  5. Joeywood says:

    It’s her best Madonna impersonation yet!

  6. Max Angst says:

    You guys can say all the bad things you want about Madonna but she looks great for any age and she is a consummate professional. She brings all her resources to look and perform her best. And the best part is that she hasn’t taken it to a grotesque level with whatever plastic surgery help she may have gotten.

  7. Joeywood says:

    I love bubblegum pop. When Katy Perry sings lyrics, written by a 12 year old, she seems to believe what she’s saying. Her heart’s in it, there’s a joy in her voice and a sparkle in her eyes. Here, Madonna seems disingenuous. Going through the motions just to sell records. Not a single human emotion. Ask Siri for directions to Starbucks on your iPhone and you’ll get a more lifelike exchange. HOWEVER, I can acknowledge when someone does their job without fail and MADONNA WAS MAGNIFICENT AT THE SUPERBOWL. BEST HALFTIME SHOW EVER. The sets were spectacular. The dancers were daring. Madonna did a proper mix of live singing and lip synching, she looked flawless and seemed to genuinely ENJOY the moment–which is rare. A cheerleader from Detroit being a cheerleader for the Super Bowl has a nice symmetry to it. It’s aspirational. Epic. The very definition of the American Dream. I wish she would speak from the heart again and use her life experiences to fuel her art. Pandering to an audience her daughter’s age seems like a betrayal to her legacy. She should be reinventing herself rather than reimagining herself.

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