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kanye and joe wilson (the guy who heckled Obama) are douche brothers. apparently jay leno laid into him tonight, but i didn’t see it. and, you... » More

On FOF #1054 – All Apologies

Haven’t listened to the show yet, but I followed your link to d-listed and noticed that those commenters are HATERS. I am very old school: you... » More

On FOF #914 – Inaugural Balls

I’m glad you brought up this Anderson Cooper and Michael Phelps issue. My question is how can I get CNN AND CBS to pay me to... » More

On FOF #889 – Milk and Meat

I love that she made it up! See, McCain fans are as crazy as Obamaniacs…except they’re violent. Hmm, there may be something there. Loved Candi! She really... » More

On FOF #865 – A Taste of Candi