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Donate…You Got It, Huntie!

Greetings! I just donated to your $2000 goal. I wish it could be more. I’ve said it before and it bears repeating. This podcast is so well done and covers so many topics that concern all […]

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Thank You…

Hi, you two bundles of hot, steamy sexiness. I finally upgraded my membership to help you guys keep this great podcast going. FOF is fun and informative. Love your guests and your topics of conversation. […]

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How absolutely adorable is this guest. I’d love to see that video, but I cannot find it here. Do you know where I can find his... » More

On BONUS: Interview with the Hideously Beautiful Christeene

I can envision Wonder Faustina:) » More

On FOF #2834 – Wonder Woman and Super Tuesday

Great show! Love you guys. » More

On FOF #2824 – Pageant Queen Aurora Sexton Looks at the 1968 Documentary The Queen

I LOVE Vivacious! You can have her on a million times and I’d never get tired of her. I need to meet her and Ornatia. Thank... » More

On FOF #2771 – Vivacious Wraps Up Season 2 of Pose

I love when you have Matt on the show. This show was HI-larious! You guys would be so much fun to hang out with. True that... » More

On FOF #2767 – Remembering the Legendary Toni Morrison