FOF #2857 – Peace, Purpose and Pleasure

Apr 15, 2020 · 2146 views

Damon L. Jacobs, photo: Damon L. Jacobs.

With the coronavirus pandemic, the world has gone topsy turvy, What was once on the bottom is now on top- conservatives who used to try to shame LGBTQ folks into abstinence during the AIDS crisis are now the one’s transgressing public health concerns and are congregating for bareback barrier free church services and protests.

Meanwhile disgraced former republican congressman Aarron Schock is self-isolating in Mexico with no less than 6 of his most instagrammable muscular friends, feeding the social media rage machine.

Sure you could be mad about it, but what can you really do about rich gays eating mangos in Tijuana?

Today therapist and relationship expert Damon L Jacobs joins us to take a look at peace, purpose and pleasure during the age of the coronavirus pandemic with safer sex options, calming techniques and how to get ready for the political fight of your life.


Beauty experts say please leave your hair alone.

Did sex toys help Demark flatten the curve?

What’s up with Cher these days?

Featured Book:

Damon L Jacobs – Absolutely Should-Less: The Secret to Living the Stress-Free Life You Deserve: Amazon


  1. Jim C says:

    OMG!!! I am crushing big time on this guest. He is fabulous! This was a great and informative show on a different perspective of living with the virus. And Marc, I don’t know what you mean when you say you want to get sexy back. You are very sexy. You and Fausto….YUMMY! Love you guys!

  2. Great show. It was refreshing to listen to Damon L. Jacobs talking about risk mitigation, HIV and COVID-19.

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