FOF #2856 – Ain’t No Bus Like a Party Bus

Apr 13, 2020 · 2055 views

Ain’t no bus like a party bus, cause a party bus don’t stop. Chris Churchill, illustration: Fausto Fernós.

Like a 80s nightclub on wheels, party buses are a weird thing that attract a certain type of Joe Exotic crowd, one that wants the luxury of celebrating in a limo but wants to tell the world “I love to drink.”

For over two decades our friend Chris Churchill drove for a double decker tour and party bus company in Chicago and saw a lot of wild nights and tipsy celebrities hopping aboard his big red bus.

Today comedian, Cooking with Drag Queens camera operator and now author Chris Churchill joins us to talk about his new book “Twenty Years Without A Weekend” a collection of stories on driving a double decker bus for tourists and partygoers.


What’s up with all these crazy coronavirus videos on YouTube?

Did you know that the woman who discovered SUE the t-rex dinosaur fossil was also named Sue?

Featured Book:
Chris Churchill – Twenty Years Without A Weekend: Amazon

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