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Being a self-proclamed Jesus queen, it makes me very happy to see the former-gay fakes exposed for what they are, FRAUDS. If Jesus loves us, we... » More

On FOF #1041 – Getting in Hot Water

I don’t know why this particular podcast made me think of a Cleveland Steamer. Anyway, I thought the picture of Scary Krishna was kinda, well,... » More

On FOF #1040 – Special Ed

Great show, I love that she shared her religious beliefs (they’re in line with mine about forgiveness). She was so honest about a lot of... » More

On FOF #1033 – Shine on Debbie Reynolds

I used to play a Yahama YTS-62! It was a great instrument. I loved Kristine’s honesty about the different “kinds” pageants. It’s great to be... » More

On FOF #1032 – Kristine W and the Power of Music

Looks like a lot of work went into this. » More

On Comfort Wipe Parody – P.P. Perfect