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I agree with groggy. Ilove the great guests but I miss Amanda Ronnie and Sal-E. » More

On FOF #652 – The Mama Mia Effect

I have always loved Rupaul, I am so glad that you got her on the show! I manage a small auto parts store, and listen to the... » More

On FOF #648 – Starrbootylicious

First off Congrats to Rob! Im sure you will remember me when youm decide to share your goodies. Next, I would like to give a few... » More

On FOF #647 – Echoes of Halloween

Loved the discussion on HIV and dating. My late husband and I remained in a loving relationship for several years after he tested positive. His diagnosis... » More

On FOF #633 – Is Swearing Good for You?

Great show about a great city!! In 2001 I chaperoned a group of High School students and did the “historical” tour. Being from Boston I was... » More

On FOF #629 – Putting the PH in Phabulous!