FOF #647 – Echoes of Halloween

Nov 9, 2007 · 1985 views

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For some, Halloween never ends. Sal-E spends half of his evenings every week, 52 weeks a year dressing up in a costume and claims he never repeats any outfits. I believe him. Look at those […]


  1. You know I love Sal-E. I trully think he is one of the best and most committed performance artists in the states. I have been all across this country and have met drag queens with weave falling out, track marks and busted shoes. Ive met queens who drop their character in one second, bitches who are just a mess. But Sal is one of the best.

    Mwah! Luv Ya.

  2. Detroit is cooking up crack and meth, THAT IS NOT ONLY UNIFORMED BUT ALSO WRONG! The drugs come from the suburbs to th city. Detroit is not poor, there are places that are in a lot worse shape than Detroit. You should really watch what you say people, like yourself, already have many misconceptions about Detroit because of the way it’s publicized. Have you actually spent time here, if not then do not rush to judgment and especially don’t go broadcasting what you think about a place you haven’t been. Sorry to be so rude but it really gets my blood boiling when people judge Detroit, my home town, without actually being here. Because people for some reason think Detroit is the whole of Michigan and for all of Detroit’s short comings it has many more beautiful things to offer.

  3. Zara says:

    Great show 🙂 the ad for Steamworks at the end cracked me up!!! The show has come so far in three years, it’s truly a work of art!

  4. Cliff Dix says:

    Poor SAL-E. I am sorry you had a lousy Halloween. It sucked that it was on Wednesday, too. Careful with that glitter. By the way, I prefer Strawberry Quik. Maybe we could make a cocktail out of Strawberry Quik.
    trullyandutterly, you got to let it roll off you. Take it from someone who was born and raised in the Deep South. No one ever makes fun of Southerners, right? Let people think you live in a bad place, it will keep the tourist out and newcomers from moving in and clogging up your city. By the way, Atlanta SUCKS! Stay Away!

  5. Matt H says:

    I saw those kids with the underwear on Ellen. It was quite awkward to watch.

  6. Rick says:

    Sal E is HOT! Come on up and see me sometime!

  7. I love when Sal-E is on the show he’s very funny. The best part whas the making of the goddie box really interesting. And yeah I thnk that the sesame st. people should be ashame to make the poor cookie mouster eat veggies he eats cookies well may be he became vegan a only eat vegan cookies.

  8. Wil says:

    Thank you guys for another smashing show. Although i live in NYC and our haloween parade is aight. I’m enticed to visit Chicago next year to experience Chicago’s Haloween parade.

  9. groggy says:

    Hi there!

    You know herpes is not a bacteria, it’s a virus. So it won’t do you much good if you use antibiotics. The virus reactivates each time, your immunology system is under the weather – so for example if you were under stress for a long time, if you get cold and so on. It’s incurable, but you can use some antiviral chemicals to accelerate healing, BUT not antibiotics.

    ‘Release the goddamn pressure!!!’ – this was the best Steamworks commercial ever 🙂


  10. Congrats to Rob, I went to high school with him! WOOHOO!! We had piano classes together!! Great Show you guys had me laughing all Morning. Sal E – Kisses to you sweetie – Your makeup is incredible from the Flicr Pics. !! Marc and Fausto – luv u guys!! Come to Boston Soon!!

  11. Clay says:

    I feel your pain for Mystery Science Theater 3000, Fausto!

    In fact, my screen name is often “Torgo Saves”

  12. Neezil says:

    What works great for cold sores is Lysine supplements. You can pick them up at health food stores or at a pharmacy. I use Nature’s Own L-Lysine 500 mg. It’s specifically for cold sores, and stops them in their tracks.

  13. First off Congrats to Rob! Im sure you will remember me when youm decide to share your goodies.

    Next, I would like to give a few tips for the Broccoli wig. Having an extensive background in Costuming, auto parts and heavy equipment I think I am qualified to advise but I am not interested in building it.

    Start with the hard hat the guys were talking about, some 2 part epoxy, a pund of roofing nails (they are short but with a big head) and a couple bunches of broccolli.

    mix the 2 part epoxy, dip, the teads of the nails in the epoxy and randomly glue them to the hard hat. Slice up the broccolli and shove the stems down onto the spikes.

    Good Luck!

  14. Barbara says:

    You are a great friend SAL-E. I must get your cell phone number when I visit Chicago.

  15. NO FAUSTO!!!

    The Google nazis will destroy you!

  16. Gary T says:

    I loved Marc’s response when Sal said… they like their salad tossed, but when they hit a cruton it’s over. Marc, that was priceless. Thanks

  17. Maia says:

    Saith the OED:

    | Thesaurus
    | 1. Archæol. A treasury, as of a temple, etc.
    | 1847 GROTE Greece II. ix. III. 44: “Myrôn…built at the same holy place [Olympia] a thesaurus…for the reception of commemorative offerings.”

    Nice word choice, Marc. I love the image of you guys dressed in togas offering up day-glo condoms for the temple’s “thesaurus.”

    I love it when Sal-E is on the show! And if I weren’t so shy, I would say hello the next time I’m at Milio’s for a haircut…

  18. Persikov says:

    Wow. Ask and I shall receive, thanks for getting Sal-E on again, always a riot. I saw him perform but didn’t know his night was going so badly.

    And I agree about Foozie. Man, that girl was loud during the parade! Was it really necessary to read the whole sponsor list seventeen times?

  19. Kenny says:

    I love the shows where the tempo just gets faster and more frenzied as the FoF gang just gets deep into their own fun conversation. It’s like witnessing some crazy improve! Eat those veggies Sal-E!

  20. Ventura79 says:

    I KNOW this aint no laughin matter but one day my friend (in all her drunken glory) decided that worts and herpes should be one word and came up with the word WORPES!!! since that day we pray to the gods we never catch the hybrid disease!!!

    Great show guys! love sal e, love markito, love faustito!


  21. Google nazi’s read websites, they don’t listen to them. hint hint.

  22. Renata T. says:

    I need thoses hello kitty’s clips! =˜˜˜˜˜Buá Buá! I want I want. he he he
    I’m so jelous of the winner!

  23. Broccoli Cap:

    As a Floral Designer and owner of a flower shop, we receive some odd requests. If you are looking to create stylish headwear made out of broccoli, you need to take a styrofoam head for wigs, wrap it with quality saran wrap (because the cheap stuff will melt) put a few hair clips into the styro and keep the clip open so that it adhears to the glue. Start running a glue gun back and forth, left to right over the head and work thickening it to be strong enough to hold the weight of the brocolli heads. Once it is thick enough, start with thin stalks and placing wire through the stem and glue into the framework. Wire and glue additional heads into the “helmet you are creating until it is filled up. Add color and flair around the edgeing and allow to cool. Once it is finished, remove from the styrofoam helmet, remove the saran wrap and pin into hair. ***Warning! This helmet may be heavy!*** But it will be stylish and edible! 🙂

    How do I know that this will hold up? You wouldn’t believe me if I told you!!! LOL

  24. Dick, do you have photographic evidence we might be able to see???

  25. You tell me exactly what you want to see and I might show you…

  26. Curtis says:

    I was walking down the street listening to the show when the tossing salad/crouton joke came on. I laughed outloud and the people walking pass me on the sidewalk looked at me like I was completely insane. That was quickly followed by the Steamworks ad gone so wrong it was right. Very funny. Good show guys.

    Looking foward to some hot broccoli hat pics.

  27. SAL-E says:

    Remember that it is all fun and games, until it happens to you!
    I remember someone telling me something like: If you are willing to play in the garden you have to be willing to get a little dirty………………

    Remember Play hard……………….Play smart!
    Love ya

  28. To Marc, Fausto & SAL-E:

    Here is the proof!
    This is what my boredom at my business does when we’re closed (yesterday):

    Because I was bored today, I decided to open my cooler and add some flowers:

    Don’t forget to eat your greens!

    Notice that Dick is wearing a “Dickies” shirt!


  29. SAL-E says:

    Oh My gosh, I love it!
    I want to put Faeries on it and create a scene…….

  30. Curtis says:

    I want to see it on!

  31. I love Halloween! But I work at a Haunted House so I am busting my butt every October. And I love the make up on sal-es picture. Thats nice. Make up can be very fun. I’ve seen some pretty cool effects too. And I ALWAYS like make up over cgi.

    Boo for CGI.

    – Purple

  32. The more I listen to Sal-E, the more I appreciate his irreverent outlook on life. Sal-E, you are hilarious. I loved you on this show – and especially loved your answer to the questions on the San Francisco live show. You are a gem! You are fabulous for wanting to know where the “Charmed” house was in San Francisco – and for visiting the Winchester Mystery House.

    And now that I’m listening on my iPhone, I’m seeing the pics Fausto is inserting for the “Now Playing” graphic.

    That is quite the handsome pic of Sal-E! (well, maybe without the nose thing – I’m old-school that way). But that photo is model-icious.

  33. OMG! that hat is fabulous! The croûton joke got me too. I was at work just twittering in between reports and laugh so loud my co-worker wanted to know. I played it back for her and she fell out laughing. She is going to start listening to your podcast, too!

  34. xio says:

    Sal-E i loved that last salad tossing joke i went bananas. Thank you for that ^^

  35. SOLD!!!

    Customer came in and saw the broccoli cap and thought it was a floral centerpiece!

  36. It was beautiful Dick! Do we get a little commission?

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