SHOW #17 – Goodie Box

Nov 9, 2007 · 1985 views

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The holiday season is in full swing, and we want to send a little more love your way. In order to celebrate winning the People’s Choice Podcast Award for “BEST GLBT” podcast and to ring […]


  1. Barbara says:

    Beans. What a good idea. We can all use more fiber.

  2. Cliff Dix says:

    Fiber? yes. Until we get health care, take care and eat healthy.

  3. Maia says:

    Hello Kitty barrettes!!! Rob, ya lucky bastard. 😉

    These boxes look like the birthday present I got from my siblings this year. For some reason, they sent me a package of things we had used as kids (a mug, some children’s books, a spoon, etc). I think my mom just wanted to get rid of the junk and felt guilty throwing it away. It was a little weird, but I have to admit — it’s always fun to get boxes of random stuff!

  4. Rob says:

    I totally agree Maia.
    Thanks everybody !!
    I will be honored to receive all the fun stuff.
    Psyched about Jen Porter !! Woo hoo.

    I’ve never won anything in my life, this is great!

  5. Haggismom says:

    Eat your vegetables Sal-E! Broccoli is wonderful and has a crunchy texture, but you are right Fausto, cookies do taste better.

  6. Maia says:

    I’m serious about the Hello Kitty barrettes… if you don’t want them, Rob, please share the wealth! 🙂

    There’s a pink Hello Kitty electric guitar at a local music store that I covet, but I don’t know how to play the guitar. So I should probably work on that first…

    But I do have hair!

  7. Kenny says:

    I wanted the Hello Kitty barrettes! Sal-E, you’re an effing riot!

  8. Rob says:

    OK………Send my Hello Kitty barrettes to Maia! I got a buzz cut these days anyway.

    Maia, If they are already in transit just send me your address and I will forward them along.

    Can’t wait to get this goodie box!!

  9. lololol that was a lot of fun to watch…all the stuff SAL-E put in the box XD

    and it was neat to see what it looks like when you guys record a show..i always wondered what the set up looked like!

  10. Tallguynb says:

    Congratulations Rob & Maia !

    You’ll have to show us all a pic of your hair done up in Hello Kitty barrettes, I’d ask Kitty herself.. but she has no mouth. 😀



  11. SAL-E says:

    Do you Remember…………………………. John Luke?
    But you have to say it in a French Accent.
    Love ya

  12. We have to agree with Fausto, Rob really is a gorgeous guy, isn’t he?
    Congrats Rob!!

    Sal-E, I’m still trying to say it but I don’t know how axactly is a French accent!
    Luv ya too hun.
    Xo Bruno

  13. RcktMan says:

    Sal-E is my new favorite. LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU SAL! You are so damn FUNNY!

    Yeah I like Fausto and Marc too. And Amanda. And Ronnie. And everyone else. But Sal, you kills me. 🙂

  14. ColJH says:

    Sal-E! You are just as beautiful without your face as your are with it!

    I love being able to see you guys in action. It makes it feel like you are podcasting straight from my room. I can’t wait to see more SHOW ME NOW!!

  15. Kedger says:

    I could just sit for hours and listen to Mark, Fausto and the lovely Sal-E. Oh wait, I do.

  16. Henry says:

    A box of treasures! i need one. LOL, you guys are hilarious.. thank you for entertaining us.

  17. Henry, you know your myspace account was phished. Change your password.

  18. Barbara says:

    I am not very good with the computer. Would someone PM me and explain how a my space account gets phished. What happens then?

  19. Barbara, you get phished when you click on something someone sends you and it takes you to a “myspace login” page. It isn’t really a myspace login site, its just trying to get your password. I use Firefox and it always catches these pages. If I’m not in Firefox, I usually just quit myspace and sign back in.

  20. SAL-E says:

    Yes, what happens is that is asks you to log back in and when you do what you are actually doing is sending someone your password………….Now that they have this they go and attack all your friends and send them crap like them Macy cars and shopping sprees…………………it is all a LIE to get your info………………
    Last night I was looking at my bills and noticed that one of my credit cards had a huge purchase so I called the company right away and I was like LOOK, I was at Disney when all these crazy charges took place across the world….and so my message to everyone would be to LOOK over your credit card statements carefully to see if people are getting into your accounts……………..The credit company said that it could of been an error on the person who entered the account number like being off by one number??????but I was like I am not paying for something I did not do.
    Love ya

  21. Barbara says:

    I am so sorry SAL-E for those crazy charges on your card. I hope things get fixed soon.

    Thanks for the explanation Marc and SAL-E. I have used Firefox for a year and love it. Now I have another reason to appreciate it.

  22. Maia says:

    Rob, you are too sweet. I didn’t mean to horn in on your goody box! But I can’t say no to hello kitty. Kenny, I’ll wear them and then send them on to you, and we’ll start a hello kitty chain letter.

    I love Firefox too. I started using it at the same time the new FOF website was launched. When I saw that there was spellcheck when I was typing, I didn’t realize it was the software. I was thinking, “That Steven Peterson is a GENIUS!” I didn’t figure it out until later…

    Sal-E, sorry to hear about your credit card troubles. I hope your credit card company listens to you and takes the charges off your account. Good thing you have lots of evidence to back up your Disneyland story… get Fausto on the witness stand!

  23. Rick says:

    Sal E – please place yourself in the gift box and mail it to me! Nice to see the studio you guys use to record the shows.

  24. You all made my day! i was very sick and spending time with you 3 boys just got me better! Thank you.

    And this may gross you out BUT it work……..for cold sore PUT ear wax on it or when you feel it
    tingling before it come out. This was a tip given by a Doctor to my cousin. It work for the lips only because
    the skin is so thin. All product on the market is an imitation of ear wax.
    Your body is in a fever then produce wax………..really i have being without cold sore for the past 10 years.

    OK BYE!!! lol

  25. Calok says:

    OMg i loved SAL-E’s coment on ass waxing, “evry one loves there slid tosted but wonce you hit a cruton” i was alging so hard I had to sit down, i love you all

  26. brian says:

    Sal-E!!!!!!!!!!!! You are delish!!!!!!

  27. Curtis says:

    Is using the lip balm before putting it in the box hygienic? Now I’m not saying anything about whether Sal-E has cooties, but still….

  28. SAL-E says:

    No, that was MINE…………..I wanted to put on a little makeup……….You know for the Cameras.

  29. im getting my septum pierced toooooooooo

  30. SAL-E says:

    The only thing you have to get used to is the smell……………….and you all know what I am talking about…………….
    You get a funky smell as it heals……………….and only the one that has it pierced can smell it.
    You will know what I am talking about………….
    Do it why not?
    Love ya

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