FOF #629 – Putting the PH in Phabulous!

Oct 15, 2007 · 1985 views

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Gonna fly now, because today the Feast of Fools takes you to Philadelphia. We’re knee deep in cheese steak sandwiches, Liberty bells and the origins of fabulous 70s disco music, we’re talking about the city […]


  1. Wesley says:

    Phantastic, Phun Pheast of Phools, Phausto and Phriends!

  2. RcktMan says:

    My new favorite quote from Marc: “She wanted a whiff of the Jif” LOL

    Great show, and great to have Gregg back!

  3. Cliff Dix says:

    I love hearing from Greg Shapiro and his travels. I am with Greg if I could I would just drive everywhere. I do not like flying and you get to have more of an adventure and see more of the country by driving. Philadelphia is definitely on my list of cities to visit someday.
    I also enjoyed the Spanish lesson-learning that adios means “to God”. I never knew that and I took 3 years of Spanish.

  4. Gary T says:

    Mmmmmmm Sid’s ass :-D. I don’t think it will be like when humans touch baby birds. I have a feeling that ass’ attracting power is more powerful than Heklina’s scent. LOL I seem to recall Sid being on the arm of a certain blue haired man after the show.

  5. Cliff Dix says:

    If you want proof that a black woman has to work twice as hard just watch Tandi Iman Dupree again in the Miss Black America 2001 contestant posted on the Tasty Vine.

  6. Maia says:

    Having a partner who does NOT fly, I have become a reluctant convert to what I call “the slow travel movement.” It has really grown on me, though. I’ve seen some beautiful views out the windshield or the train window. Now the idea of traveling by plane seems like using a teleporter — you miss out on everything between point A and point B.

    Always tickled to hear Gregg on the podcast — a great way to start the week!

    p.s. Listening to NPR this weekend, I learned that Condi was also an accomplished figure skater in her early years… is there nothing that woman can’t do? (Except come out of the closet, or resign from the Bush administration to retain some of her personal dignity…) Somebody, please leak that video footage. Quarter-turns on ice!



  8. Thx for the show. I am a Blezbian in spirit

  9. Great show guys, Marc I love your laugh… you make me laugh when I hear you laughing! LOL


  10. Reneecamp says:

    What are fabulous amazing beautiful wonderful show about one of the greatest cities in the world!!!! And I am not just saying that because I live here!!! LOVED IT!!!

  11. bowdownza says:

    marc I completely agree. Chicago style italian beef sandwiches are like boiled beef on a wet soggy white hot dog bun. Total shit!!
    I would love to make a guerilla cake sitting video with you. (technically this is a comment to another episode but I can’t remember which one)

  12. Andrew J says:

    Hey guys, thanks for pheaturing our phabulous city! I would LOVE to see a FOF meet and greet or live show in Philly!

    Now, about the cheesesteaks … The traditional/original cheesesteak, from what I understand, was made with Cheese wiz. What you typically get these days is either a cheese wiz cheesesteak or one made with American cheese (not white cheddar – I’ve never seen that). Of course, the other big thing is to get them with fried onions (yum!). Now that they are so popular, you can find all kinds of crazy variations and specialties. Chicken cheesesteaks are popular among people who prefer not to eat red meat and another common variety is the pizza steak, which has tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese on top. (Can you tell that I love cheesesteaks? It’s the one food I missed the most when I lived in Japan!)

  13. Great show about a great city!!

    In 2001 I chaperoned a group of High School students and did the “historical” tour. Being from Boston I was not expecting to be impressed with “their history” but I loved it. And all of the students did as well.

    In 2005 my older Brother moved there. I went to visit and we spent a day in the “gayborhood”. Again being so close to Ptown I was not expecting to be impressed. But the gay life there is exceptional. It is as open and comfortable as being in Ptown. It is a great place to visit.

  14. “Susan B Anthony, carpet muncher.” I’ve got a question, if you can call a lesbian a carpet muncher, can I call a gay man a fudge packer?

  15. Curtis says:

    I remember the first time I ever heard the term “Fudge Packer” – I was 18 years old and attending the annual Gay and Lesbian Conference (back when we didn’t laundry list every single thing when talking about the community) at the University of Utah put on by the Lesbian and Gay Student Union (LGSU). I was walking through the Student Union building and looking at the schedule of events and someone asked if I was there for the conference. I said yes, and he then said ” So you’re a fudge packer?” I was stunned speechless. A rare occurrence for me.

    But yes I for one have embraced my inner fudge packer PurplePuddleNut and you may call me Fudge Packer to your carpet munching delight.

  16. Thats awesome that you are okay with that term, but I think many people are not. But what do I know? I’m just a carpet muncher 馃槢

  17. Great show, still in the middle of listening, and glad to hear Gregg Shapiro again!

    Regarding getting rid of junk mail, my dad always said to rip up their stuff and send it back in their postage paid envelope. When i was about 18 I was innundated with junk from BMG (or one of those ridiculous companies that gives you 12 albums for a penny then extorts money from you for crap you didn’t want). Finally I filled up their postage paid envelope with pennies, secured it with packing tape and popped it in the post. They never sent me anything again!

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