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I agree with Fausto. You can text to twitter. And you can set up your twitter to get text responses. And most smart phones have a... » More

On Would You Buy a Device Just to Twitter?

Good times. Brings up some fond memories of when I was growing up in San Antonio. » More

On Attack of the Easter Eggs – Smashing Cascarones on Victoria’s Head

haha I know what you mean. Seems like everyone has the iPhone now. Seems like everywhere I look there’s someone with an iPhone checking something. Me... » More

On My Family Checking their Facebook using iPhones on Vacation

I think this was a pretty good interview. I remember when it was posted the first time I thought he was ok. Listening to it a... » More

On FOFA #756 – Chris Crocker Tells on You

I haven’t seen that video in a couple of years. Takes me back to where I was the first time I watched it » More