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fausto is really serving ‘nice tits’ realness in that purple T » More

On VIDEO: Chef Jaime Laurita’s Easy Risotto Recipe

Love it when the sweenster serves some gay icon realness by attempting a ‘Ok!?! tingaling’ » More

On FOF #1720 – Like My Photo if You Think I’m Cute

Perhaps Prince left for forty minutes to have a Kiki …….. just a thought » More

On FOF #1666 – They’re All Going to Laugh at You

i just got to that bit about Kate Middleton ans her ‘royal subjects’ and my partner just got in from the gym saying “did you know... » More

On FOF #1659 – The Curse and Blessing of Reality TV

its true, when giving bjs your hair should not be whipping in a cirlce…..back and forth maybe but not in a circle » More

On FOF #1627 – The Burning Embers of Fire Island