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Spent all day yesterday congratulating my queer military friends and overall celebrating. This was a great day for America. Though one person did mention something I... » More

On DADT is History- Senate Votes to Repeal the Military’s Ban Gay & Lesbian People Serving Openly

This is like the creepiest thing I’ve seen all week… and I saw lady ga ga’s most recent twitpic! It’s nice that he didn’t have a... » More

On VIDEO: Pastor Speaks in Tongues at Equality Protest

He can’t hold his umbrella. He needs one hand to hold his hat and the other to grope that hottie umbrella boy. » More

On PHOTOS: Chace Crawford Won’t Hold His Own Gay Umbrella

Yay! Finally one of them sees the gross error of their ways. Or at least says he sees it. The proof is gonna be in the... » More

On Outed Gay Republican Makes Compelling Mea Culpa

I use that line allllllll the time on the hot guys at the gym in the locker room. “Wanna conserve some water with me?”. » More

On Group Showers Mandated to Conserve Water