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Watch Out for Goatse on Chatroulette

Boing Boing has an edited screen capture of a Chatroulette prank being played by 4chan /b/ members on unsuspecting users. Marc & Fausto seemed to be having fun with the service, but be careful, as […]

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Steak House or Gay Bar

Given only the name, you’re asked to determine if it’s a steak house or a gay bar. I guessed around 30 and got only a third of them right. It’s tricky!

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Oral Sex Light – Product FAIL

Just in case you get lost down there?

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Something Fausto said reminded me of Susan Werner’s song “Give Me Chicago Any Day”: » More

On FOF #1177 – Bright Lights, Big City

Jamie Anderson’s “When Cats Take Over the World” – Janet Jackson’s “Black Cat” – » More

On FOF #1173 – All Hail Lady Gaga

Loved the show! You must have Kate come back as a guest again. Can’t get enough of the sarcastic wit. » More

On FOF #1151 – Lavender Menace

I love Vickie Shaw! I hope you are able to get her on the show — she’s just as awesome in person as she is on... » More

On FOF #1140 – Lift American Spirits

Sounds like the Grammy audience got a taste of what P!nk fans saw on tour — her acrobatic performance of “Glitter In the Air.” Admittedly, that... » More

On FOF #1135 – Gaga, Beyoncé, Taylor and Pink at the Grammys