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I’d like to see Monique Moore on the show someday. She used to perform in Chicago until 3 years ago, when she moved back to... » More

On 11 In-Depth Interviews with Famous Drag Queens

I made the trip to Spin on Thursday, and was surprised to not see a show. I didn’t think to ask anyone why there was... » More

On FOF #1018 – Run, Lady Vera Parker, Run!

Glad to see you back on Feast of Fun Victoria & what a good way to give me a laugh before going to work. Marc,... » More

On Forced Feminization – Feast of Fun

The whole idea of blowing the yolk out of the egg shells is crazy. I don’t see how the shell stays together after it’s blown... » More

On Blowing an Egg for Easter

I agree with you Bracer Jack. Mark Austin is hot looking for his age. Either genetics, or his overall well being has kept him... » More

On FOF #964 – A Brief History of Leather