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That was a really fun episode. I love it when you guys talk about your life in Chicago and the people in your hood. I have... » More

On FOF #2419 – Get in the Ring with Wrestler Eye Candy Elliott

Please have Eddie the barista on the show. Or post pictures. I’m dying to know what this guy looks like. » More

On FOF #2416 – A Salute to Buttocks

Re: Surreal LIfe My favortite episode was when Janice Dickinson lost it and crawled out the kitchen window. » More

On FOF #1619 – How to Be a Diva

I love it when you guys geek out. RE: Hot queer comic moments – The Dark Knight Returns was pretty hot. And as a kid, I... » More

On FOF #1565 – Nerds, Superheroes and Comic Book Geeks

Thanks for doing a show on Kurt Cobain. One of my favorite stories about Nirvana was when Walmart ordered them to change the lyrics and title... » More

On FOF #1542 – Come As You Are: The Legacy of Kurt Cobain