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I agree Fausto, I loved Berenice Marlohe’s performance. The whole movie was great and her performance really stood out. Then add a sparkly gown and a... » More

On FOF #1696 – Diddle Me Elmo

Another great Meredith show, she adds a fun energy to an already amazing podcast. Love it! » More

On FOF #1663 – How to Slut It Up at the Gym

Wow, I embarrassed myself cracking up in the office listening to the show with my headphones on! Great Show! Bravo! More Meredith please, her sense... » More

On FOF #1657 – How to Catch a Man

Ha! Mark was on fire, interesting show. » More

On FOF #1642 – The Sixth Sense

Another Great show! » More

On FOF #1637 – My Boyfriend is Huge