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Great show boys, all of you. As for Perez that queen knows exactly what he is doing. He’s keeping up the time honored tradition of camping... » More

On FOF #2105 – I Voted for Perez

Yay! Tin Tim! She’s the bees knees that girl! » More

On FOF #1790 – Jinkx Wins!

LMFAO! I love the panda eye! It goes great with the chola lips. » More

On Why drag queens paint their eyes so dark

Awe Randy Savage… Now I want a slim jim. RIP. Anyway great show guys! I can’t really state an opinion, that whole masculine thing went out... » More

On FOF #1754 – Macho Macho Man

I love Tammie’s old Hollywood women’s pictures flare, is there any chance of seeing Tammie Brown’s beautiful Tallulah Bankhead-like face on the stage in a play? » More

On Ask Tammie Brown Anything!