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Tea Party Candidate Christine O’Donnell Has a Bigoted Record on Gay Righs

Christine O’Donnell is the gift that keeps on giving. A new video has been unearthed from the C-SPAN archives of O’Donnell saying that the government spends too much money on AIDS and they need to […]

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Gay Macdonald’s AD in France

France: Gay-themed McDonald’s ad is all the rage NEWSBITES, WORLD — BY BROOKE MURPHY ON JUNE 4, 2010 AT 8:10 AM A gay-themed McDonald’s television ad is stirring up controversy as people question whether the ad is […]

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As far as black lives matter I am Pro-Cop and Pro-Black. I will not take sides. For not all Cops are bad, as not... » More

On FOF #2354 – Stop the Madness

Hey Queen is abslurly fabulous in my book. I’m enjoying Rupaul’s drags race and I’m still not ready to see it go in ten... » More

On FOF #2306 – A Kiki with Jonny and Lady Red

Sad to here Rupaul only has two seasons left, It’s not surprising given the fact that second tier digital cable reality shows are on a limited... » More

On FOF #2302 – 100 Episodes of Eleganza Extravaganza

Great to hear from Amanda again, what do you guys think about Stacy Clinton’s new show “LOVE, LUST OR RUN.” A show that asks random people... » More

On FOF #2290A – When Reality TV Bites Back

Yous show was amazing as always and got me thinking about Drag Queens and copyright. It’s is true that bars and restraints must buy a license... » More

On FOF #2283A – Put the Money on the Floor