FOF #2283A – Put the Money on the Floor

Feb 2, 2016 · 1985 views

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The Vixen done with trying to grab all her tips while she’s death dropping on stage. So— she’s releasing a new single “Money on the Floor” to encourage the children to leave the munty on the floor so she can nab it at the end of her act.

Today, The Vixen joins us to conDRAGulate Cooking with Drag Queens’ very own Kim Chi and Bob the Drag Queen (coming soon) on winning Season 8 of RuPaul’s Drag Race!


  1. TheOneDoc says:

    Happy Birthday Marc!

  2. Happy Birthday Marc!!!! I hope you have a great day!!! Love you guys another great podcast!!! I love The Vixen!! Can’t wait for season 8!!!!!

    -Galaxie ^-^

  3. This is a test. A test to see if the site is functioning properly. This is only a test.

  4. jimmyV says:

    Yous show was amazing as always and got me thinking about Drag Queens and copyright. It’s is true that bars and restraints must buy a license from Ascap that covers public performance not just to play records or streaming music they must be licensed as a live venue, there is also a separate license for a DJ according to the ASCAP website.

    Remember technically the venue is liable for infringement not the queen under ASCAP. But non the less it would be good practice to check what licence a bar has. If the only have a license to play music all a queen can do is dance to the music legally. Get this public performance rights only include the right to copy sheet music so it can be played by a musician. Singing the song live to a track requires written permission from the copyright holder. When performing a musical you must get preform and rights to preform Fiddler on the Roof and charge admissions you must pay Musical Theater international $1,500 a night for an audience of 500,

    It appears the law may be changing it is being debated now in fact to change the law to allow preformers to be liable to pay royalties to a preformer if they make more then $2,500 in a year from performing a copyright work.

    Remember it is up to the record company and the artist to sue over this. No cop will ever shut down your club in fact this is not criminal just something handled in civil court. In most cases it up to the artist to sue like when Kim Daves got sued for using eye if the tiger without permission. So Queens beware of getting an artist mad at you. Also Remer that the Artist gets no proceeds from ASCAP only the song writer.

    I have include some links about Drag Queens and copyright

    Parody and the law:

    Query Article abut drag a copyright,


    You guys should do a show on this topic with PEACHES she understands movie licensing. Talk about what really is parody under copyright and why lyp sync is not parody because it doesn’t comment on the song it makes fun of the artist. To be parody you must be making a comment on the original song. It would be a great show.

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