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This was an AWESOME show. Maybe because I’m not a local, but why does everyone call it ANN SATHERS when there is no “S” in the... » More

On FOF #2467 – My Twink Dating Disaster

Listened to this for the first time & I loved this interview! Such a loss; she was such an endearing, strong, and lovely woman. » More

On FOFA #1033 – Shine on Debbie Reynolds

One of my favorite episodes! Aww, Bruce just referenced “A Bipolar Evening with Friends” with Florence Henderson. RIP lovely Mrs. Brady. » More

On FOFA #1221 – Bruce Vilanch on the Star Wars Holiday Special

Loved loved loved this show!!! Kirk Frederick seems just so amazing and so informative. He’s in my town, so I need to find a way to sit... » More

On FOF #2320 – The Incredible Life of Male Actress Charles Pierce