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so strange, the night after I watched the video, I dreamt that I was eating tofu and loving it….lol…which is really bizarre as I hate the... » More

On SHOW #16 – Spring Rolls

what about that girl with the glasses from Scooby-Doo, she is soooooo gay » More

On FOF #634 – Dumbledore is Gay!

amazing interview, very very interesting! I thought I had seen (or heard) just about anything, but yet again I must take that back. Buck Angel makes... » More

On FOF #601 – Buck Like an Angel

thank you for this great ep, chris garneau is absolutely adorable and I loooooooooove his voice and his lyrics are amazing. Usually his type of voice... » More

On FOF #598 – The Island of Chris Garneau

Like Maurice said I don’t either enjoy the interview-only podcasts that much but I LOOOOVED (LOVED LOVED LOVED) the interviews you did with Grant Stoddard and... » More

On FOF #527 – High School is Such a Drag