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I gotta agree with others. Marc and Fausto, you guys were as witty and funyy as usual, but my, was that rather tedious. » More

On FOF #1208 – Tyra Sanchez is Sorry About Nothing

Zeus: 1, Jesus: 0. » More

On Jesus is a Flamer

Well, if any conservative group is good at teabagging, it’s the Log Cabin Republicans. 😛 » More

On Log Cabin Republicans to Hold Tea Bag Toss

Always a pleasure to have Andy on the show – keep up the good work. 🙂 Btw, are you planning to come to Europride in Warsaw in... » More

On FOF #1204 – The Russian Gay Bear Goes Grrr

I absolutely love it. It’s like the Borg Queen meets David Lynch’s “Dune”, with the Gay set to the max. Sweeet. » More

On VIDEO: Lady Gaga Video Out Madonnas Madonna