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Awww.. that gave me goosebumps.. Thanks guys for all the laughs over the years, the journey, the wisdom, and the friendship. And congratulations on 1000... » More

On Feast of Fun – 1000 Shows Photo Montage

I have to admit, it was good.. and with vanilla ice cream even better! Thanks for letting me do the camerawork guys.. Hope... » More

On Five Minute Chocolate Cake

Good show guys! Okay, so the reason why Whoopi wasn’t at the Legends Ball, amongst many other Oprah events, is because they hate each other! Not... » More

On FOF #880 – Gay is Good, Gay is Great

Love you Tracy! You’re so funny.. and HOT! hehehe Don’t let the boys tease you too much about being a whore.. they’re just... » More

On FOF #811 – What Fruit Are You?

LOVED Steven! PLEASE have him back!! He’s so funny and such a flirt.. and seeexy too. » More

On FOF #754 – Work the Runway Steven