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VIDEO: Ann Romney Has Officially Lost It!

Ann Romney responds to campaign critism.

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New XELLE Music Video to Save All the Gay Children!

Check out XELLE’s new music video for INVINCIBLE!!!  Proceeds from single sales go to benefit GLSEN!   Download the song and help this amazing organization!! Download Invincible on iTunes.

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VIDEO: Anna Nicole & JonBenet Are Alive & Well!

If you haven’t seen this Toddlers and Tiaras clip blowing up Facebook this week, stop what you’re doing, grab a hot pocket and watch this gem.

 First off, can I just say- God bless pageant babies […]

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Michele Bachmann Sucks at Losing

If you’re going to run a disasterous campaign, you might as well go for broke.  Placing 5th in the Iowa Caucus,  the Cosco of Crazy, couldn’t even come in dead last.  Thankfully, for us there’s […]

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No, I think she lost because she’s missing more chromosomes than a Palin living under a power line (to Russia). » More

On Michele Bachmann Sucks at Losing